2nd Hole

The 2nd hole is another short par 4 that requires an accurate tee shot.  Your attention immediately focuses to the trees just off the tee box to the right.  A properly shaped shot will guide the ball to the middle of the fairway.  However, a line of fescue requires a premium shot and demands accuracy for this shorter hole.  A deep bunker on the right side of the fairway comes into play from all three tee decks.  The approach to the green also requires an accurate shot as the green is elevated and slopes from back to front.  Make sure you use enough club as the green drops off into a strategically placed collection area in the front and to the side of the green.  The speed of your putts are very important on all of the greens at Ambassador.  The breaks run true but don’t leave a missed putt on the high side of the hole or you may be looking at a three putt.

2nd hole rendering
  • Black:  380
  • Gold:  368
  • Pewter:  336
  • Ivory:  305

Men:  13

Women:  5