18th Hole

“Bring it Home”, our finishing hole requires a short carry over the creek off the tee. It seems that the ball must be carried much further than it actually is because of this naturalized area.

The fairway has a very narrow look from the tee, but you should be used to this by now. This visually deceiving hole has clusters of fairway bunkers down the left side and your reward will be wedge to the green. From the center of the fairway, a normal approach will require a mid to short iron into a softly sloping green.

With several natural undulations, the eighteenth green is your final test of the day. Roll one in to finish your round at Ambassador and look forward to your next visit.

  • Black: 411
  • Gold: 382
  • Pewter: 356
  • Ivory: 310

Men:  12

Women: 16