12th Hole

The 12th is the longest in this difficult par 4 stretch. At 467 yards from the championship tee, this hole is definitely a challenge. Aiming for the center of the generous fairway off the tee is the smart play on this hole, as a fairway hit equals lots of roll. This hole offers no real short cut.

The approach to the green must be accurate as the deep set bunker on the right, if hit, forces players to execute an incredible sand shot to get close to the hole. Hitting this green in two shots is a real challenge.

The toughest pin location on the twelfth is in the back right quadrant of the green. There are some tricky putts on this green complex. Be careful.

12th hole rendering
  • Black: 467
  • Gold:  437
  • Pewter:  409
  • Ivory: 372

Men:  2

Women: 2